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Our proprietary Property Heatmaps© are a great way to find the best deals on properties. They take all of the guesswork out of investing by showing you which areas have the highest potential for profit and which ones should be avoided. You’ll never wonder if an area is worth your time or money again.

With Property Heatmaps©, you can see exactly where there are high-value properties that will give you a good return on investment. The data is based on actual sale prices so it’s always up-to-date and accurate.

You’ll save yourself hours upon hours of research with this simple tool. And since we offer a free initial consultation, what do you have to lose?

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    Why would I use Property Heatmaps©?

    Buying the wrong property in the wrong area for the wrong price, is every investor’s nightmare. Mistakes can be extremely costly and long term. In order to build a viable property portfolio it’s vital to only purchase properties at the right time, at or at less than their real value.

    APM Global Property Heatmaps© are created by comparing the real values of property in an area (based on the PricingRealityTM valuation method) to the comparative sale prices in the area.

    Where the asking price exceeds the real value in an area, a map will indicate this by showing up in red and where the asking prices are less than the real value, in green.

    APM Property Heatmap:

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    Benefits and inclusions of Property Heatmaps©

    Metrics Included

    • Real estate value. What areas are likely to increase or decrease in value?
    • Rental yields. Which areas generate the best rental income for your investment?
    • Longest tenancies. Where are people most likely to rent over longer periods?
    • Houses or units. Narrow down your guide even further.

    Benefits of the tool include:

    • Save yourself time by getting a fast understanding of areas to invest in
    • Remove the uncertainty of not knowing if your instincts or own research is right or not
    • Minimise the risk of buying in the wrong area
    • Maximise the return on your investment

    The most important principle

    The difference between purchasing at the correct and incorrect time can be huge, especially over the longer term

    Historically, those who purchased property at the CORRECT time have achieved average capital growth greater than 7% during each subsequent 10 year period.

    By comparison, those who purchased property at the INCORRECT time have achieved average capital growth of less than 3% during each subsequent 10 year period.

    Based these percentages, for the purchase of a $500,000 property, the difference in capital growth can amount to a whopping $369,231 over each subsequent 10 year period!

    When is the correct time to buy?

    The most important principle in the method is that the map must be drawn based on current real values. If prices are artificially inflated, capital growth will likely be lower than it otherwise would have been. So if all the different factors are not taken into account when comparing values to sale prices, the results are likely to be inaccurate.

    No two cities or areas are the same, so it is imperative that each relevant city, suburb and property type are assessed independently. This applies regardless of whether price appreciation is forecast to be high or low in a particular area.

    The research and analysis conducted by Property Heatmaps© always draws on an area’s previous sales history and does not rely on the current asking price for its analysis.

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