What is a Dual-Income Home?

Dual-Income home is a home which is designed to be shared by two or more occupants for living or for rental purposes. Depending on the design, the house can provide separate entrances for all occupants and blocks entry to other occupant’s private space. You can use this house for one or multiple occupancies.

What is the benefit of buying Dual-Income home?

  • Higher Rental Yield
  • Reduce risk of vacancy
  • Purely market demand driven product
  • Great help in times of economic downturns
  • Passive Income
  • Potential Capital Growth
  • High Resale Value
  • Suited for all Age Groups

What is the occupancy capacity of the Dual-Income home?

4-6 bedrooms, 2 ensuites + 1 bath + w/c & 2 car garage. It can be configured based on individual requirements

How many tenants can lease this property?

It depends on the regulation of each state. In most of the states you can have up to 3 tenants with separate lease. You should hire a professional agent who specialises in multiple tenancy properties to manage multiple tenants.

Check with your state authorities to reconfirm the maximum number of leases per home.

Who is a typical Tenant?

Single rooms:

  • Students (Student Accommodation)
  • People who are unemployed or earning Centrelink benefits (due to disability, for instance)
  • Newly arrived immigrants (overseas or interstate)
  • Single Professionals
  • The elderly
  • Single parents
  • Other single and couple looking for small and cheaper accommodation

Multiple rooms:

  • Couple with and without kids
  • Big families

Do I need a planning permit for building a Dual-Income home?

No, Dual-Income homes will not be required to take any approvals except developer and council approval before getting a building permit.

If you have a good design which is accepted by the above authorities in past, then you should get through to building permit without any issues. At the end there are always unknown factors that can come across. We recommend talking to one of our professional Dual-Income home consultants to know more about it.

Can I manage the property myself?

Yes, you can.

But we will highly recommend a professional real estate agent to manage your tenants for a smooth experience.

How much it cost to build a DUAL-INCOME HOME?

Each home design is costed depending on  its size and inclusions. It varies from $350K – $400K for single storey homes and we do not recommend  double storey homes, as it doesn’t meet our investment criteria.

Does it cost extra to build a DUAL-INCOME HOME as compared to a standard home?

Yes, it does cost extra to build a DUAL-INCOME HOME.

Cost could vary between $10K- $30K, depending on the design and inclusions

Can I choose any builder of my choice?

You may not be able to find the right builder as you want to work with someone who has experience in building DUAL-INCOME HOMES. APM is a real estate consulting & development group specialising in providing end-to-end residential and commercial property solutions for homebuyers, investors, and developers.

We use U Homes to build Dual-income homes. U Home is a building company owned by same management as that for APM. Find more about ‘U Homes’ here (www.uhomeliving.com.au)

Are there any extra cost involved in managing a DUAL-INCOME HOME?

There are some extra costs that you will need to keep in mind:

  • Rental management cost will be slightly higher as compared to a normal property.
  • Maintenance cost of any common area (if applicable)
  • Slightly higher landlord Insurance
  • Payment of all outgoings (in some cases)

The higher rental yield far outweighs the extra holding costs.

How do you separate bills for each tenant for using the services?

Normally all services are added into the lease and paid by the , in some cases it can be separated as per each rented area and all tenants pay their share of use only

How do we manage mail?

Generally we will get one o the tenants to use PO Box and other to use home letter box to keep their privacy.

Can I live in one portion of the house and rent other?

Yes, This is one of the main feature of the house which works very well for owner occupier. This will help save money and pay your repayment of mortgage.

Can I rent to more that 3 occupants?

No, you cannot do this in a DUAL-INCOME HOME but there are other kind of homes that you can buy which provides multiple tenancies with upto 2 occupants.

How to get funding to buy a Dual-Income home?

You can go to any major bank and get a loan as a normal investment property. Only difference is that they will assess your application considering this property as standard investment property with one tenant. Call a professional to understand how it works with banks.

Will this property only attract investors when I decide to sell?

DUAL-INCOME HOMES are designed for Home buyers that has a housing need for a multi-generation. A Dual Income home has 2 master ensuites with 2 living areas in the house, so always have more capital growth than other similar properties.

DUAL-INCOME HOMES provide better returns than basic investment property, therefore these are always preferred by investors.

DUAL-INCOME HOMES stand out when it comes to selling a property, as these  attract both Home buyers and Investors.

Can I buy my own land to build Dual-Income home?

Yes, you can do that. But we recommend talking to our DUAL-INCOME HOME Consultant before selecting the land. As it is always best to check design options before finalising the land.

Buying a Dual-Income home is very easy process as far as you are dealing with a professional DUAL-INCOME HOME Consultant. Contact us at to get more information.