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    Invest in Multi-Occupancy Properties

    What are Multi-occupancy homes?

    Multi-occupancy houses are designed to meet the needs of shared-living families. They have unique requirements for public and private spaces within a house. For example, as all renters are living under one roof, preserves the privacy and independence of family members and higher resale value if sold.

    What makes Multi-occupancy homes so attractive to invest in?

    Simply put, shared-living homes give you a greater ROI over traditional renting. The reason is that we are able to rent the property to more tenants.

    On average, you get $170-$225 more per week, which comes to $8,840-$11,700 more per year.

    Why Invest in Multi-occupancy homes now?
    According to Plan Melbourne 2050, 1.6 million houses will be built and 34% of demand have not yet built or planned, so there is an urgent need of new homes in Victoria. Multi-tenant homes are designed to fulfill the demand. We are based in Melbourne but we operate Australia wide.

    When is the correct time to buy?

    The most important principle in the method is that the map must be drawn based on current real values. If prices are artificially inflated, capital growth will likely be lower than it otherwise would have been. So if all the different factors are not taken into account when comparing values to sale prices, the results are likely to be inaccurate.

    No two cities or areas are the same, so it is imperative that each relevant city, suburb and property type are assessed independently. This applies regardless of whether price appreciation is forecast to be high or low in a particular area.

    The research and analysis conducted by Property Heatmaps© always draws on an area’s previous sales history and does not rely on the current asking price for its analysis.

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