Do you want to invest in real estate?

Are you in the market to look for a new investment property to buy? Perhaps you have been burnt by low or negative returns on an investment property, however, you know how lucrative it can be to find the right property at the right time, for the right price.

Many people rely on their own instincts, or exhaustively research, ever fearful they’ve overlooked a critical piece of information, before investing.

APM Global has 2 very specific products that can take out the guesswork, and provide confidence that your investment is the correct one to make:


APM Global Heatmaps™ can provide a visual matrix of pricing data over time. The  property market ebbs and flows, and Heatmaps can help to very simply and clearly show a property’s likelihood of generating a positive return over time.

APM Global’s Heatmaps take a large section of properties in a certain area and can provide comparative analysis based on what has been sold, how it was marketed, the competition, the asking price and so forth. This is an invaluable tool for any investor looking to get ahead of the curve, and invest with confidence.

Pricing Reality™

People sometimes forget that property market values are based on emotion. How much we are willing to pay is purely subjective. Market sentiment is such that prices will exceed their true value as demand goes up, and be lower than their true value as the market cools.

APM Global’s Pricing Reality™  can help you to reinforce your confidence in the value of any property. Even if there is a large amount of competition for a given property, Pricing Reality can give an investor insight into how much other similar properties could be sold for, and therefore what price represents realistic value versus inflated market value.

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