What is a rooming house?

As per the definition provided by Consumer Affairs Victoria: A rooming house is a property where four or more people can occupy the rented rooms, and each has their own residential agreement. Property can have maximum 9 rooms and up to 12 occupants allowed.

Who is a typical Renter?

  • Students (Student Accommodation)
  • People who are unemployed or earning Centrelink benefits (due to disability, for instance)
  • Newly arrived immigrants (overseas or interstate)
  • The elderly
  • Single Professionals
  • Single parents
  • Other single or couples for cost saving

I have never heard of Rooming house before. How may rooming houses are in Melbourne?

There are 1400+ rooming houses in Victoria. Yes, many people are not aware of it. APM specializes in finding innovative real estate products for investors. So with our help you can now own the best real estate cash flow vehicle.

Is it easy to run & manage a rooming house?

Yes, it is easy to manage but requires a special skill. We do not recommend running these without professional support. We have our specialised property managers who bring in wealth of practical experience and knowledge to manage rooming houses to ensure that the investors’ expected returns are fully realised.

Do we need to register the rooming houses?

Yes rooming houses are registered with council and we will help you with the whole process.

How can you help me in owning a rooming house?

We offer an end-to-end Rooming house service. We sit with you to discuss your individual goals, your financial situation and prepare a plan for you. We will prepare a high-level overview of your expected returns so you have a clear view of how this investment will work for you over time.

We help you source the land, conduct feasibility assessments, build the rooming house, and connect with our partner property management services to manage the property.

I don’t know how to get loan for a rooming house. Can you help?

Financing for a rooming house is a specialised area and usually requires a knowledgeable broker to get your finance approved. Our in-house mortgage advisers can also help finance your project with access to a wide array of lenders.

How much equity and budget do I need to invest a rooming house?

It depends on the investor what their goals are and what outcomes they want to achieve. However, as a general guidance, typically, an investor needs to have a borrowing capacity of 900K – $1.5M and 20-35% equity (this include H&L cost). More you invest more you earn………

We provide fixed price turnkey, nothing more to pay rooming house package.

How a Rooming house is different from an Airbnb?

There are several differences. But the main difference is that Airbnb is a short stay accommodation where people come and stay, and they stay could typically be for 1day to a few weeks. Whereas a lease in a rooming house must be minimum for 3 months. Typical length of lease usually is 6-12 months. As such, a rooming house offers a more stable income than an Airbnb. Also, the income from rooming house is not seasonal or dependent on tourism only, people need house to live hence rooming house has far wider reach when it comes to potential renters’ market.

What is your fee & who is the Builder?

We do not charge you any fee because we are the builder, developer & real estate sales group All-In-One. 

APM are a real estate consulting & development group specialising in providing end-to-end residential and commercial property solutions for homebuyers, investors, and developers. 

We use U Homes to build rooming house. U Home is a building company owned by same management as that for APM. Find more about ‘U Homes’ here (www.uhomeliving.com.au)

I own a vacant land? Can I build the rooming house on that?

Rooming house can’t be built on just any vacant land. A careful technical feasibility as well as financial viability is needed to make sure that the investment done reaps the desired outcomes. We have an in-house team of specialists to do the assessments to see if a rooming house can be built on your vacant land or not.

Can I easily sell this property anytime?

Yes, it depends if you own 5 or a 9 bedroom rooming house. We have amazing sales strategies to sell these properties. Mostly nobody sells rooming house as it a great cash flow asset